Ultimate Bio Cups

We can now offer custom printed designs on an eco-friendly version of our popular Ultimate paper cups. These have the same benefits as the existing 8, 12 and 16oz Ultimate cups but with the added advantage of being made from reclaimed Sugarcane pulp.

The Sugarcane raw material would ordinarily be considered a waste product; this means the product has a negligible environmental impact when compared to traditional cups which use virgin grade paper board.

Our Ultimate Eco cups are PE lined, although a full biodegradable option with a CPLA compostable lid is currently being evaluated.

Existing sugarcane cups are characterised by their unsightly and ‘paper mache’ appearance. In contrast Ultimate Eco Cups have the appearance of a regular paper board product but the enhanced eco credentials of using Sugarcane raw material. We consider this a no compromise solution for the environmentally conscious customer.