Biodegradable Coffee Lids

Our new range of Biodegradable Sip Through Lids will shortly be in stock.

These lids are made of PS and include an additive called Addi Flex which makes them Oxy-Biodegradable.

Unlike CPLA or other plant based alternatives these lids can be recycled, unfortunately CPLA lids are not recyclable and the energy used to create the PLA is lost in single use disposables.

Our Oxy Biodegradable lids retain the normal characteristics of PS lids and are cheaper to produce. The lids have a determinable shelf life, in this case 1.6 years from the date of manufacture, after this time the lids will become brittle and once discarded eventually break up into fragments small enough for microbes to absorb. The resulting bio-mass is then capable of acting as a soil and plant nutrient.

Please contact us for samples and pricing.